Roulette is definitely the most famous game for money in the world and the most recognizable. More: it is the one that everyone wants to play at least once in their life. This desire is now even more within everyone’s reach, thanks to online casinos .

More and more of these virtual rooms have been equipped with live streaming functionality: a revolution that brings physical casinos into the homes of roulette enthusiasts (and not only). But if you’ve never played before and don’t want to lose your money, there are rules to follow.

How to approach live Roulette

Live online Roulette is the same as physical casinos: this is because thanks to live streaming technology you connect to a real gaming room, with real dealers. Once you have chosen the online casino you want to join, you will find different rooms (“tables”) each with its own variants (European, American …).

At this point it is important to refresh your memory with the rules of Roulette and with those specific to the chosen table. You will need to be careful to choose a room where you can play without exceeding your budget, perhaps checking whether there is automatic confirmation of the bets or not. Respecting these rules means not being expelled!

What to do once at a live Roulette table

Once you have gained access to the table that respects your gaming preferences, it is good practice to greet those present but do not place your bet yet. In fact, if there is a game already in progress, you will have to wait for it to finish.

You can chat with the dealer, but be careful not to overdo the interactions: he is not there to keep company, or to help newbies! Becoming familiar with the environment is another important phase: there are cameras that film more aspects of the game, but also an electronic scoreboard. With a good internet connection, fun is guaranteed!

What bets can be placed in online Roulette?

Finally the most awaited moment: after the signal from the dealer, you can start playing. Live Roulette bets can be internal (on specific numbers) or external (on groups of numbers with particular characteristics, such as Red or Black, Even or Odd, Columns…).

There are also special bets, so called call or announce bets, depending on the type of Roulette you are using. These bets have names like “Voisins du Zéro” (you bet on the numbers on one side or the other of the zero) or “Series 5/8”, “Jeu Zéro” or “Bet on the first five numbers” (for American Roulette ).