In recent years, technology has evolved at incredible rates. In the field of online gaming alone , online casino operators have become able to offer entertainment of the highest quality through constant research and updating of their platforms.

Between slots and table games the choice is practically infinite, but it is with live casinos that it has become possible to have the illusion of being seated in a traditional environment, through HD cameras connected live with a real gaming room, with the croupier – who leads the games – and statistics in real time.

Desktop versions: all the benefits

The luck of online gaming is due to the development of PC platforms which, since their inception, have attracted an ever-increasing number of gamers. The desktop versions have the advantage of currently having a wider choice of games and operators than apps.

Sitting in front of a screen, perhaps large, allows you to face long sessions without tiring the eyes and maintaining a comfortable position. This results in greater concentration and, in the case of live casinos, in an effective involvement of the player in the immersive experience offered by this innovative game mode.

In-app versions: freedom to play anywhere

When mobile casino apps appeared a few years ago, there was a small revolution. The game had become mobile : so it finally became entertaining the user on business trips, on vacation, anywhere. The developers immediately made available optimized versions, so they could be used on screens of different sizes.

This new mobility brings with it great potential, the important thing is to have a stable internet connection. Many gamers love to use their mobile phones even when they are at home, precisely for the advantage of being able to take it anywhere and not necessarily be pinned to a desk. Furthermore, with the Wi-Fi network, data consumption is avoided.

In short, which one to choose?

Each player is perfectly aware of their needs and, based on the characteristics of the gaming platforms, they can direct their choice towards the desktop or mobile version, even from the same operator. Of course, a possible disadvantage of playing on the PC is that every time you leave the station, you will have to interrupt the current session.

On the other hand, if apps are gaining ground and popularity it is precisely because they allow you to relax and try your luck in any place. Apart from the still slightly lower choice of games compared to the desktop versions, there is no doubt that the small screen size, despite being always optimized, can play against the apps.